Titus the Roman

Bollo T

On the occasion on the bimillenary of the Emperor Augustus, my drawings followed the potter Titus Calceus in his journey through Roman Italy, showing a slice of the everyday life at those times.


From 6/12/2014 to 31/3/2015 the archaeological exhibition “Nel segno di Augusto. La Liguria e il Principe” took place in Genova, Palazzo Reale. Here is the Page on the official site of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Liguria.

Being myself an Archaeologist, I realized the illustrations and graphics of the educational booklet “Il Viaggio di Titus” (“The journey of Titus”), edited by the Superintendence, which would guide and entertain the kids through the visit.

You can download and print the whole booklet. It consists of 2 parts:

1. Outside sheet (print on an A3 page, front and back and fold it) 

2. Inside sheet  (print on an A4 page, fron and back, and insert inside the Outside sheet)

Here you can see some of the illustrations:

Titus’ wagon on a Roman street
Coins from Augustus’ time and a Roman “thin walled” glass
The city of Albintimilium (today’s Ventimiglia)
Stiva Tnew
Hold of a Roman ship loaded with amphoras (Dressel 2-4) and “red slip” dishes (Terra Sigillata Italica)
Mappa liguria 4
Map of Roman Liguria
The frog is showing how an ancient abacus was used

All the objects are reproduced according to archaeological evidence (since I am myself an archaeologist) and the drawings are approved by the supervisors for Archaeology in Liguria.

Grayscale colouring was due to technical reasons concerning the printing.

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