Literary Frogs

When I came in touch with the new bookshop Bookowski in Genova, we decided to try what would have happened if the Frogs had bumped into literature. With the idea of offering the costumers some original greeting cards for Christmas (it was december!), I created a series of drawings in which I asked my Frogs to play the part of famous writers, and enter the world that these authors have created through their works.

We also added a quotation from each writer, to sum up what the author, together with the situation depicted in the drawing, mean to us.

We displayed the originals in the shop and we turned them into postcards, that are still on sale in Bookowski.


charlesbukowski Charles Bukowski inside Bookowski. Quote from the poem Roll the dice


georgeorwellBetter George Orwell, 1984


luigipirandello Luigi Pirandello in front of his hometown Agrigento. Uno, nessuno e centomila


oscarwilde Oscar Wilde, The picture of Dorian Gray. Quote from Aphorisms.


dantealighieri Dante Alighieri, walking with Virgil above the Malebolge. Quote from Canto XXXIII, 151: invective against the Genoese.
IMG_6061 Work in progress for Dante’s Inferno

Above, the bookshop with the display of the original drawings and the postcards.


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