Frogs’ cities

These lively and crowded scenes, set in different – often existing – places, were commissioned to me over time, and gave me the chance to explore the complex social behaviours of these animals.

Here we go from an old-style looking view of a street in Genova (via Madre di Dio, which nowadays looks very different) with old crafts and stores shown, to the hall of a German Clinic for childbirth in Regensburg, to the shots taken during a romantic trip of a couple in the city of lovers, Paris.

via Madre di Dio, Genova (Italy), 20th century
Klinik St. Hedwig, Regensburg (Germany)
Trip to Paris (France) : place des Vosges, tour Eiffel, Notre Dame de Paris, Pont des Arts
Athens, a family trip
Budapest frogs exINDD
Budapest: Eva’s new baby is born


NEW: Frogs in Winter Ekaterinburg


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