Faber Frog

Genova’s old city is one of the biggest in Europe.

Here, pressed in the narrow alleys, between the walls of old buildings crossed by different centuries, that hardly let the sunlight in, there is a whole world, a multicultural life where every step of society is represented, until the very low ones.

The greatest chanter of this world, and one of the best songwriters in Italy was Fabrizio De Andrè. With the collaboration of Via del Campo 29 Rosso (the museum/bookshop to him dedicated) I realized two drawings about this artist, which are now on display in the museum itself, where postcard-sized copies are also available on sale.


Via del Campo, the street that gives name to a famous song, and where the museum is located, is populated by Frogs, and Fabrizio “Faber” De Andrè himself is a green amphibian, but nonetheless keeps the same facial expression, focused on nothing but his guitar and his music.

A second drawing was made, where the same street, main character and also some of the other frogs are seen from the opposite point of view. Here, on the right, it’s easy to spot the museum Via del Campo 29 Rosso .


And later, over time, on different occasions, other drawings have followed, all about the songs written and sung by our great songwriter. Right now they are all on display in ViadelCampo29rosso.

Crêuza de mä by Duddu - watercolour illustration
Creuza du Ma one of the most famous songs in Genoese language
Fabrizio De André - Bob Dylan : Romance in Durango
Romance in Durango, originally written by Bob Dylan, and translated by De André
La guerra di Piero (The war of Piero) 

Here are some pictures of the first opening of the exhibition on the drawing Via del Campo, in company of Laura Monferdini, responsible for this space and great expert about the whole production by De André.

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