Why a Frog?ranathumbUpSM copy

I could tell you that’s it’s a highly symbolic animal, that it’s a lucky charm, that in Jamaica it is said to have healing powers. In fact, it was quite a random happening. It was born on a summer day in 1999 during a drawing game, and since then, it quickly invaded my drawings. I was a kid, and I couldn’t draw human beings properly, so it was quite a useful character.

But the amazing thing is that the Frog started to live its own life, and often people was asking me Frogs even if that was not my plan. In the end, I decided that I would trust it, and try to help it as much as I could.

Sometimes you can see it naked, showing its natural green outfit. More often it has assumed human clothes and behaviours, more or less famous identities, and it has populated real places and different historical ages.


A world of Frogs is coming!


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