The House on the Frog pond

During the quarantene I had the pleasure to receive the call from a friend in Lithuania asking me to draw this special drawing.

Special because this time I was asked to draw my frogs, together with the “human” portrait of a real couple. And the frogs had to be in their natural environment: a frog pond. And this frog pond was a real place where my friend – that I will name J. – used to catch frogs during her childhood.

All the idea came from J. herself and it the beginning sounded a bit crazy even to me, and surprised me a lot. But in the end I found the way to make it mine. The couple represents her grandparents, sitting on a bench under a willow, in front of their beloved countryside pointed-roof house, in a green spot in Lithuania.

On the other hand, underwater the frogs are performing – let’s say – the memories of this family: the teacher, the computer technicians and the submarine sailors depict the professions that grandma and grandpa used to practice when they were younger. And the two ladies sitting on the stair leading to the bottom of the pond (and linking the two dimensions) are J. and her mum.

At the school desks four tadpoles are sitting, attending a class of maths in Russian. Strangely enough, it’s the first time I have represented this stage of life of these animals. I think the environment here represented was ideal for the appearance of these characters: it’s a perfect mix of natural and human elements. I was also probably inspired by the feeling of deep respect for nature that I’ve noticed in the Lithuanian people.

The drawing, ink and watercolour on paper 300 g/mq, 23 x 31 cm wide, was shipped to Lithuania and given by J. as a present to her grandpa.

Ačiū labai!

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