Quarantine Frogs

Covid-19 brought an abrupt change into our lives.

With the beginning of the lockdown, in Italy on 11 march 2020, we couldn’t move from home, nor meet anyone. Social life was reduced to virtual meetings on video call platforms. You would also start to see on social media a lot of screenshots with virtual “aperitivos” or “saturday nights”, on zoom or other applications.

That’s when this work was born: Conference Frogs. Taking inspiration from real people I virtually met in those days, I drew Frogs connected to each other in a video call.

I assembled the single drawings (ink and watercolor on different pieces of paper) applying them on a real iMac computer. I had received this old disused computer from a friend gallerist, Caterina Gualco. She simply wanted to get rid of it, and had given it to me in case I came up with ideas. After several months of uselessness, unexpectedly the right occasion came.

I put the different pictures on a grey cardboard which was applied onto the screen.

I also drew the column of the contacts that you would find on the side in video call applications. They have names and surnames, profile pictures, and also different nationalities, as you can see if you zoom in the image below.

On the top right corner is a small window where the image of the person that is currently speaking is shown.

This work was displayed in a virtual exhibition on the Facebook profile of the gallery Unimediamodern – Contemporary Art. See here the facebook post, and the web page.

It is now virtually on display in the COVID-19 CREATIVE OUTLET by Ideas Block, a nice spot I had the pleasure to know in Vilnius, Lithuania: a non-profit cultural organization supporting art and creativity, open on the street as a welcoming café.

I hope it can be physically displayed soon as well.

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