“HobbySport” Family Portrait

The sport store HobbySport located in Genova, in the area of Sturla, has reached the 50th anniversary.

For this occasion a special friend of the family who has been running this company asked me for a special drawing .

After receiving the pictures of the family members, and having a site inspection to get a complete idea of how the shop looked like, and how it felt like, I came up with this result.

The drawing shows the 4 members of the family: the head of the family (that is not living anymore) standing behind the cash desk, close to the entrance, as he used to be; his wife by his side, behind the counter; next, on their left, their son busy showing a pair of skis; last the daughter, holding two bags that refer to two other shops that she has opened along the way.

On the background you can have an idea, a sample, of the big variety (and quality) of products that this store is selling, and a couple of bags in front of the counter are a memory of the bags with corporate identity that the company used to give to customers a few years ago (when my client was beginning to hang out at the store).

The picture is 55 by 37 cm wide, ink and watercolour on 680 g – satin grain paper.

I also got this custom made wooden frame at my favourite frame maker.

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