Tomorrow 21 December my new series AtmosfeRane will be displayed in Lazzaro Gallery, in the context of the Xmas Lights Market – I edition.

Literally meaning “Atmosphere Frogs”, it is a series of 21 original drawings (so far) born within a fortnight, the first sparkle coming from a dream. They were fostered by the weather (rainy, windy, winterly cold) and spontaneously inspired by scenes and situations that I met walking through Genova, like singles snapshots, capturing one or two characters, that seen altogether compose a bigger picture, most of the times organized into diptychs of pictures bound to each other. Every frog an atmosphere. And some of them necessarily portray a Christmasy mood.

Ink and watercolour on sheets of paper 300 g, 12,5 by 18 cm, all unique pieces 1/1.

The pictures will be on sale. In case you are interested in buying one of them, please write me an email (dudduddu@gmail.com).

Here’s a look at some of them during the arrangement and after the application of the dark grey passepartouts.

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