Space Frogs Combo

A few months after its arrival in Unimediamodern, the Astrofrog was joined by two more elements related to the same theme.

One small version, that I called AstroFrog Petit, similar to the big one but with some differences. Not only the technique (ink and watercolor on paper) brings a different result, more accurate, but also the spacesuit is inspired by a russian one that I recently saw in a scientific exposition.

To complete the group came the box with the frog’s space pod. This was originally the plastic lid of a takeaway coffee that I got on a flight to Poland, on which I drew with permanent marker. I put it in the middle of a box that represented the complete blackness of the space.

This work met the passions of the gallery owner Caterina Gualco, who has been growing two big collections: one of boxes and one of frog. This proved to be the perfect combo!

You should be able to see some space frog still in place!

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