Animals’ Halloween Poster

I had the pleasure to draw this drawing for the Halloween that has just passed.

The spark came as I knew that the parrot-headed musician Piuma Loka and  his colleagues with animal faces (JA É Music) on Halloween afternoon would liven up the streets of the centre, for an event promoted by one of the associations of shops of the city centre (called CIVs) which I had already made some works of graphics for, like their logo (CIV Cperimentale Centro Storico).

Halloween_sfondo bet

I created the layout of the poster itself, that announces the event, that was printed in 100 copies and hung all around the streets pertaining to this group of shops. A squared version was prepared to run more comfortably on social media.


Here is an overview on the posters spotted. Despite being quite boring to see, I had fun spotting them walking around the neighbourhood. Notice the one on the columns and on the wooden door!

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