The Frogs arrive in Kowalski

On the night of 17th June my Frogs arrived in Kowalski.

The drawing of Winter Ekaterinburg was hung on the wall by the nice staircase that leads down to my favourite room, the one with couches and armchairs, where the party to celebrate this arrival took place.

The Kowalski staff was ready with the nail that was stuck in the chosen place, where I had the pleasure to finally put the blue-framed picture (a copy in size 1: 1 of the original watercolour).

Because of a recent fever, I wasn’t feeling at my best, and I tried to nurse my condition by means of the amazing Kowalski’s Moscow Mule. The result of the therapy, although in the long term it was successful, in the short term was questionable, as some people noticed.

The audience was very nice and interactive and some of them asked me for a few specifically dedicated drawings that I drew live. Like Eda, who was going to have the exam for her motorbike license the day after. Other guests were also portrayed as frogs, unlike Anna, who was portrayed as a human.

I want to thank Pier and the whole Kowalski, and all the people who came during the evening, also the ones who are not in the photos!

Now if you walk by Kowalski in via dei Giustiniani 3R – Genova from 19.00 to 1.00, don’t forget to enter and have a look at this illustration!


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