Astrofrog in Unimediamodern

New adventures in space.

My “Astrofrog” has landed in Unimediamodern Genova, gallery of contemporary art, in the so-called “Room of the Lunatics” a side exhibition that accompanies the current main exhibition White Noise by Jean-Paul Charles, and that shows the works of other artists dealing with the moon and the outer space. An event connected to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing.

White noise opened monday 10th June, with the special presence of Jade Dellinger director of the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery in Fort Myers (Florida) who presented The Moon Museum in my Pocket and a performance by Philip Corner e Phoebe Neville entitled Here and there on the moon.

It will be open through the whole summer.

«That’s one small hop for a frog, one giant leap for frogkind»

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