Frogs in Ekaterinburg

Frogs have arrived in the city of Ekaterinburg.

It’s been a bit of an effort. Since I have known some friends from this city (the fourth of Russia!),  I started to be attracted by the challenge: illustrate this place – where I’ve never been – filling it with my typical green Frog, that you have started to know. The Frogs have already been in many places, times, and situations (you will remember), so let’s move on, to Winter Ekaterinburg.

I’ve done my researches, and thanks to the help of my informers, I’ve collected some information.  Starting from the location that appeared more intriguing, which you can see sketched in this mysterious first image :


Here you could distinguish – if only you knew – on the left the Opera Theatre of Ekaterinbug, and one typical Tatra tram; on the right the building of the Ural University;  and in the middle the momument to Sverdlov, that stands out in Lenin Avenue, in between the two buildings. If you look carefully you’ll see the perspective I’ve chosen for the scene.

Next, I warmed up on some specific characters, to get in the mood:

Finally I started drawing properly every single frog, and then paint everything.

And the longed-for result has finally come out (click on it for zooming)!

I imagined a moment at the beginning of the evening, when the light and the shadows start to play with each other, and it was particularly new to me thinking a city so full of snow, thing that for climatic reasons, I rarely see. It was also an occasions for the frogs to take their warm clothes out of the wardrobe.

Ekaterinburg_CT2Cm 30,5 by 43,5;  ink and watercolor on paper


For the less Russian of you, who would be disadvantaged, here’s a short list of what you can find inside:

  • a rockband from Ekaterinburg called “Чайф” with the frontman Vladimir Shahrin, performing in the open air as if the famous summer festival Ural Music Night took place in Winter time
  • a disguised local artist called Timofey Radya
  • the lampshades that are installed by this artist during winter on the street lamps
  • a Japanese ballet dancer, beloved in the city, called Kunsun Pak
  • a company of clowns from the city, called “Without socks”, that have recently won the category prize in the International Festival of Circus in Monte-Carlo
  • a player and some supporters of the local hockey team “Avtomobilist”
  • the soviet politician Sverdlov, not only as a statue, but also his face showing somewhere
  • 6 pigeons
  • one lady with frozen eyelashes
  • one man covering his nose from the cold with his hand
  • one orthodox priest
  • a few students
  • one old lady
  • my friend Vadim


Now that my drawing is finished, may its life begin!



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